ThermoWADE Non-Folding Wading Staff TW-03


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Simple to use Thermo-WADE allows the astute angler to record and hold water and air temperatures against time and date for up to 10 readings at a time while wading – at the touch of a button. The TW03 offer robust support in all waters with its steel construction, larger rubber bottom and generous comfortable grip making it a pleasure to use. Back LED lighting for dusk and night fishing, and temperature change alerts for pre-set temperature ranges makes this device a must-have for anglers who want to know their microenvironment. Many aquatic species suspend and hatch within a specific temperature range, whether your quarry is a brownie on summer’s night on caddis or a warm watered – bonefish hunting in an optimum 75 F. The TW03 helps reveal micro- thermoclines in your waters.

*The heavier steel of the TW-03 allows for more support on the water but may affect the time needed to obtain an accurate initial temperature reading.*