ThermoWADE Collapsable Wading Staff TW-07


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Due to COVID-19, manufacturing of this product has been temporarily paused. We are working closely with ThermoWADE to ensure we can restock as soon as its made available again.

Simple to use Thermo-WADE allows the astute angler to record and hold water and air temperatures against time and date for up to 10 readings at a time while wading – at the touch of a button. Back LED lighting for dusk and night fishing, and temperature change alerts for pre-set temperature ranges makes this device a must have for anglers who want to know their micro environment. Many aquatic species suspend and hatch within a specific temperature range, whether your quarry is a brownie on summer’s night on caddis or a warm watered – bone fish hunting in an  optimum 75 F. The TW07 helps reveal micro- thermoclines in your waters.

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A state of the art wading staff

    • Length: Adjustable 52in-59in (Collapsed length 16in)
    • Material: High Grade super strong 7075 Aluminium, light and reliable
    • Unique Ergo Handle – double molded delivering inner strength and outer comfort
    • Stainless steel Tip for grip and durability
    • Marked fish ruler for fish length measurements – Keeping you within regulations for your waters
    • Approximate weight: 14.5 0z
    • Neoprene holding pouch

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  • The Smart piece
    • Thermowade™ Water temperature monitoring and Air temperature display
    • Pre-settable visual water temperature alert
    • Visual temperature rise and drop alert
    • Record data up to 10 times sequentially against time and date
    • Backlight for LCD display for dusk/night fishing
    • Low battery alert
    • On/Off to be held for 3 seconds to avoid accidental power turn on when not required


  • Technical
    • Powered by 1.55v 389/AG10 2 x Batteries
    • Auto power off after 8 hours
    • Temperature range:-10 ~ 50℃ (14~122°F)
    • Temperature sensing frequency rate: 3 seconds
    • Temperature accuracy +-0.5℃ (within limited pre-defined range), remaining range  +-1.0℃
    • Temp display in Celsius / Fahrenheit (toggle)
    • Water resistant
    • TFT display size: Ø 45mm
    • LED backlight colour: Luminous blue

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